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Two People Are Being Sought In Connection With The Como Neighbourhood Shooting

According to authorities, two suspects have been detained in relation to the mass shooting that took place on July 3 in Fort Worth’s Como neighbourhood.

Brandon Williams, 19, and Christopher Redic, 20, both of Fort Worth, were taken into custody on Friday. Murder charges have been filed against both men.

Police Chief Neil Noakes of Fort Worth said, “Fort Worth endured a tragic incident earlier this week. And it took place in one of Fort Worth’s most cherished and historic neighbourhoods.

Three Victim Shot To Death

Police were called to a home in the 3400 block of Horne St. on July 3 at around 11:45 p.m. in response to a shooting. Before fleeing the area, the suspects reportedly began firing into a large throng of hundreds of people. Eight victims were hospitalised in unknown conditions, while three victims passed away.

The three victims who were shot to death have been named as Paul Willis, 18, Cynthia Santos, 22, and Gabriella Navarrete, 18. Their lives were viciously and senselessly taken away, according to Noakes.

In response to the charges, Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker said, “This act of violence has affected our entire city and terrorised the strong Como community, but most tragically has taken the lives of three innocent victims, Cynthia Santos, Gabriella Navarrete, and Paul Willis.” We appreciate the efforts of the entire Fort Worth Police Department, especially the homicide and gang squads.

Although Redic and Williams both attended ComoFest, a community gathering that took place earlier in the day at another location, the police chief claimed the shooting was unrelated to and distinct from that event.

My impression is that they were there, but I’m not sure where they got those weapons from, said Noakes. “But they had attended the occasion,”

The Chief added that he understands “some sort of confrontation occurred right before the gunfire… I’m not sure who they were directly shooting at, but there was a chance that an altercation led to the violence.

Fort Worth Police Department

Source: CNN

Noakes stated that there was “so much more to live for” and that “so much more value should be placed not only on the lives of potential victims, but also on themselves.” “Unfortunately, it appears that some people’s only methods of resolving disputes involve firearms… No matter how trivial the disagreement may be, someone draws a pistol, and possibly another person does too, and it ends in tragedy and death.

FWPD believes the shooting was gang-related, according to Noakes, who added that “multiple departments worked the case around the clock.”

Several counts of felony aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon led to Redic’s arrest in February 2019, according to Texas Department of Public Safety and Tarrant County court records. Redic, who was 16 at the time of his arrest, was found guilty and given a five-year prison term. On December 28, 2022, with more than a year remained in his term, Redic was granted parole.


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