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Request For Body Camera Footage From Family Of Man Murdered In July 4th Officer-Involved Shooting

The release of the footage from the officers’ body cameras was pressed for on Thursday by the family of one of the two men who were shot and killed by police at a Fourth of July celebration in Fort Worth.

Who Was Shot?

Bronshay Minter, 30, was shot and injured along with two other people, and his friends and family have questioned the limited account of the incident that Fort Worth police have so far made public. They claim that no one from the department has spoken to them about the incident.

Although Minter owned a gun, his family argued that he was more likely to break up a fight in the neighbourhood than to take part in one, and they disputed claims that he would have been involved in a gunfight that police needed to break up or that he may have threatened them with a weapon.

Shantelle Thoene, Minter’s mother, said, “I want explanations. “I’m curious as to what took place. I’d rather not hear rumours. I’m not interested in hearing other people’s opinions. I’m looking for a camera. I need to see a video.

She was one of the many attendees of the memorial service that took place back at the residence on Ross Avenue and NW 32nd Street on Thursday.

What Happened?

Some guests at the home who claimed to have attended the neighborhood’s yearly holiday party claimed that just after midnight, a fight between two individuals broke out just as the police cars arrived at the home.

Anthony Wormley claimed that prior to hearing the officers fire their weapons, he didn’t hear anything that let him know there was a serious issue.

Wormley stated, “That’s why we’d like to see the body camera footage. “Because we watched the television, and the news anchor reported that they were shooting at each other, even though that was not the story at all. Never at all.

Source: CNBC

Until the paramedics arrived, according to Wormley and another companion, Minter received CPR. Minter, a devoted motorbike rider who frequently posted videos online of his feats, was the father of a 13-year-old son.

Investigation Still On

Chief Neil Noakes provided the scant information that was made public by the police early on Wednesday. A police officer and an arson investigator who were working together as a fireworks task team happened upon the block party while travelling to another call, according to Noakes. In a “altercation,” he said, they noticed two armed males, and both police discharged their rifles.

Two men were shot and killed: Minter and an unidentified individual. According to Noakes, there was no evidence the men had fired their weapons at police. Police were unable to determine how another guy and lady were struck, but they were also hurt.

A public relations representative for the police department acknowledged inquiries, the release of the video, and other outstanding questions, but did not respond.


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