Giant Rat Caught on Film in New York City Bodega: Fact or Fiction?

It’s not uncommon to see a rodent scurrying around the streets of New York City, but recently, a video circulating online has raised eyebrows and sparked debates. The footage, purportedly taken from a local bodega security camera, shows what appears to be a massive rat roaming through the aisles.

As with any viral video, there’s always some skepticism surrounding its authenticity. So is this giant rat really caught on film in a New York City bodega? Let’s take a closer look at the facts.

The Video

The video in question was first shared on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, quickly gaining millions of views. It shows what appears to be a large rat rummaging through shelves of snacks and drinks in the bodega. The person recording can be heard exclaiming, “That is not normal!” as the rat scurries out of frame.

The Debate

Naturally, this video sparked a debate among viewers. Some were quick to believe that it was indeed a giant rat due to its size and menacing appearance. Others were more skeptical, claiming the footage was doctored or fake altogether.

The Facts

After some investigation, it was revealed that the video was indeed real and taken from a bodega in New York City. However, the rat in question is not actually a giant rat but rather a common brown rat.

Experts have weighed in on the footage, stating that it’s not unusual for rats to grow larger than average if they have access to an abundant food source. In this case, the bodega provided plenty of snacks and drinks for the rodent to feast on.

What This Means

While it may not be a giant rat as many initially believed, this incident does raise concerns about pest control in the city. The footage serves as a reminder that rats are a common problem in urban areas, and proper measures must be taken to keep them at bay.

Additionally, this video has shed light on the living conditions of these rodents and how they have adapted to thrive in populated areas. It’s important for residents and businesses alike to take necessary precautions to prevent infestations.


The viral video of a “giant rat” caught on film in a New York City bodega is indeed real but not entirely accurate. While it may seem alarming at first glance, it ultimately highlights the ongoing issue of pests in urban environments. So next time you see a rat scurrying around, remember that it’s just another average day in the city that never sleeps.

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