Armed Robbery Spree Ends with Arrests of Two Hudson County Men

Two men from Hudson County have been arrested and charged in connection to an armed robbery spree that has left local residents on edge. The arrests were made after a joint investigation between the local police department and the county’s prosecutor’s office.

The two suspects, 25-year-old John Doe and 27-year-old Jane Smith, are both residents of Jersey City. They have been charged with multiple counts of armed robbery, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, and resisting arrest.

According to authorities, the duo had been targeting convenience stores and gas stations in the Jersey City area for the past few weeks. They would enter the establishments armed with handguns and demand cash and other valuables from employees.

The string of robberies had sparked fear among local business owners and residents, with many businesses taking extra security measures to protect their employees and customers.

Here are five key points regarding the armed robbery spree and subsequent arrests:

  • The first robbery took place on June 1st at a convenience store on Main Street, where the suspects stole over $500 in cash.
  • On June 5th, the duo struck again at a gas station on Elm Street, this time taking approximately $700 in cash and several cartons of cigarettes.
  • The third robbery occurred on June 10th at a convenience store on Maple Avenue, where the suspects stole over $800 in cash and lottery tickets.
  • Surveillance footage from the establishments helped identify the suspects, leading to their arrests on June 15th.
  • Both suspects are currently being held without bail and will face multiple charges in court.

Local authorities have urged anyone with information regarding these crimes or any other potential victims to come forward. They also advise businesses to remain vigilant and continue implementing safety measures such as installing security cameras and training employees on how to respond to robberies.

In a statement, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office commended the joint efforts of law enforcement in bringing swift justice to those responsible for the armed robbery spree. They also reassured the community that they will continue working tirelessly to keep their neighborhoods safe.

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